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Data and Climate Modelling: video and highlights

On April 17th, we hosted the 2nd episode on our “Data and Sustainability” series. The topic of the session was: “Data and Climate Modelling”. We had a full room ready to carefully listen to all our speakers.

We started the evening with Francisco Javier Doblas-Reyes (Barcelona Supercomputing Center) talking about digital twins on climate; followed by Rachel Lowe (BSC), who provided a great overview on the relationship between climate challenges and health issues across the globe!

Following Rachel’s talk, we had Ignacio Villanueva (RAVENWITS) on stage to highlight the main applications of machine learning on meteorology!

We closed the night with our remote speaker Ferran Alet Puig (Google DeepMind) who gave an extensive talk on their research and on the climate models they have been developing during the last years!

We ended the evening with some pizza and drinks to follow up on questions and very interesting discussions!

Thanks everyone for coming, especially to the speakers for accepting our invitation! Also thanks to Adevinta Spain for hosting us!

The full video of the event is available in the video below

P.:D Stay tuned to know about the upcoming events!