We love data and we love Barcelona. Data has the power to shape every aspect of our life, from the way we understand ourselves to the way we run our cities. Barcelona, the great enchantress, long ago caught us in her midst of great weather, fantastic food, beautiful architecture and passionate citizens (local and foreign). That is why over some beers we decided to join forces to accelerate Barcelona’s transformation into a data-driven city, a city where civil society, government and enterprises benefit from a smart and open use of data. BCN analytics is our non-for profit project whose ultimate goal is to make of Barcelona a European hub for Analytics. If you share a passion for data and Barcelona then join us by signing up and form part of group.

What we offer

  • Open data: together with our sponsor inAtlas we have developed an open data repository for geolocated information on the city
  • Newsletter: we will send newsletters to promote events and share articles
  • Events: we will be putting together events to promote Analytics in business, government and education
  • Community: we provide the opportunity to meet like minded people with whom you can discuss Analytics and network
  • Blog: we will be posting articles around the topic of Analytics and we extend an open invitation to anyone that wants to contribute as a guest blogger
  • …and there is still more to come